As Congress winds down to spend Thanksgiving with their families, many are left wondering what is going to happen with next year’s budget. 2015’s budget was supposed to be resolved prior to August Recess yet we are left with a Continuing Resolution that will expire in a few weeks and no solutions for the upcoming year.
Last week, President Obama announced his executive order on immigration reform, delaying the deportation of nearly 4 million undocumented immigrants in the US.  This action has House Republicans in a fury that may lead to a possible Omnibus appropriations bill being neglected.
Senior Senate Appropriations Committee Member Sen. Richard Shelby (R-AL) indicated as much:

“[The executive order] could move us in the direction of a CR [continuing resolution], I think. I would like an omnibus, but not at any price. I think it changes a lot of things. We’ll have to see. It could poison the water and drive us toward a CR.”

This development is worrisome, because having a regular appropriations process is critical to achieving lasting spending reforms. Without stability in the process, making important changes becomes far more difficult, and big spending happens at the last minute.