The Institute for Spending Reform is dedicated to providing objective and straightforward research about federal spending policy and budgeting. Discourse about the debt and spending can often be difficult to understand and littered with terms almost no one can keep track of. In order for citizens to understand the latest budgetary news, it’s important that we all understand the oftentimes complex mechanisms and processes that government frame these ongoing debates.

Our short briefs cover salient current topics and large-scale issues — without all the clutter.

Read select examples from our archives below:

Continuing Resolutions and the Budgetary Process
Your Unauthorized Government: When Zombies Infect Congress’s Purse
Reconciliation: Can Less Debate Mean More Spending?
The NDAA No-Man’s Land: Blurring Battle Lines and Budget Caps
Rehabilitating Social Security Disability Insurance
The CRomnibus
Ebola Funding
Smarter Sentencing
CBO Deficit Projections
The Farm Bill
Affordable Care Act Pt. I: Website Rollout
Affordable Care Act Pt. II: “Keeping Your Plan…”

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