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Here comes another fiscal cliff

April 3rd, 2019 by

POLITICO reports this week about the latest in the indefinite series of fiscal cliffs that Congress likes to set up for itself. This time, a handful of budget deadlines and a debt limit fight will soon come together as Congress, the President, and leaders on both sides seem to want different things. These fights are […]

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BlazeTV discusses Spending Tracker

February 4th, 2019 by

In case you missed it, hosts on Glenn Beck’s BlazeTV recently discussed the Spending Tracker, and the importance of making sure government is limited, no matter who is in power. You can view the whole clip at this link (starting at around the 18-minute mark). Our data is truly a revolutionary new way to track […]

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NEWS RELEASE: Spending Tracker Now Tracks Spending for a Decade

January 23rd, 2019 by

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CONTACT: Rebekah Bydlak Email: [email protected] SPENDING WATCHDOG RELEASES FISCAL RECORD OF EVERY MEMBER OF CONGRESS SINCE tallies over 4 million individual score and vote records January 23, 2019 – The Institute for Spending Reform, a nonpartisan fiscal watchdog announced the newest expansion of on Wednesday. The group has collected legislative […]

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