The Institute for Spending Reform launched a timely new project, Guide for a Strong America, gathering and recording all known options for Pentagon spending reform. Totaling over 80 reforms, the guide strives to create conversations about Pentagon spending as the first ever Pentagon audit approaches.

President and Founder of the Institute for Spending Reform, Jonathan Bydlak, argues that all spending should be on the table:

“Debates over Pentagon spending tend to be proxy battles for debates of foreign policy, but no matter where one falls on the latter question, this guide shows there are plenty of opportunities for spending reform.”

The Institute does not endorse every reform, and while some of them overlap and contradict each other, we aim to present a comprehensive and fair view of all available options. Dan Caldwell, USMC (Ret.) and Executive Director for Concerned Veterans for America, argues that Pentagon waste is dangerous:

“If we are going to effectively tackle the long-term national security threat posed by our national debt, then we need to seriously examine how our defense dollars are being spent. Waste and inefficiency within the Pentagon not only contributes to our nation’s debt and deficit, it also diminishes the effectiveness of our nation’s armed forces.”

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