It’s no secret that deficits and debt are at record highs. The major problems are clear:

  • The budget process just doesn’t work, and most discretionary spending is passed in huge, bundled bills that have to pass or shut the government down — an obvious choice for most legislators.
  • The nation’s mandatory spending programs are unsustainable. Too many people depend on them compared to how¬†many people pay into them, while costs continue to rise on the back end. Meanwhile, it seems no one in either party is willing to take on any reforms before it’s too late.

Along the way, comparatively “small” problems make things worse. For instance:

  • Government agencies are funded with “spend it or lose it” models, so there is no incentive to save money — in fact, just the opposite.
  • Special interests encourage wasteful or unnecessary programs to keep getting funded.
  • A flurry of other public policy problems make spending everyone’s last priority too often.

That’s why our work with Spending Tracker is so important. By bringing education and transparency to the issue every single day, we make sure the issue is not forgotten and we the people know how government is spending our money.

Take a look today — and join us in our work for transparency and solutions to the cause of our generation.