Guide for a Strong America identifies potential trade-offs that will keep America safe while caring for troop needs and economic realities – which are not mutually exclusive propositions.

Too often, discussions of Pentagon spending are proxy battles for questions of larger strategy and the role of the United States in the world. While these debates are valuable in their own right, the dichotomy they create is not. In short, it is unacceptable to view fiscal conservatives and defense hawks as separate groups.

Guide for a Strong America does not to argue the role of the military overseas or the proper Pentagon topline, but rather is intended to serve as a starting point toward providing the types of tradeoffs necessary to pursue a modern foreign policy in a fiscally responsible manner.

As the Pentagon prepares its first-ever audit, we are presented with a unique opportunity to secure reliable, full funding for the nation’s armed forces while achieving much-needed reforms. This guide collects and presents many currently available options.