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Budget process reform moves forward?

Coming out of a long electoral cycle, some in Congress are still at work on some of the systemic issues plaguing federal budgeting. Now, it appears that at least a little progress is on its way. Budget Chair Rep. Steve Womack said Friday that the Joint Select Committee on Budget Process Reform should approve reform […] Read More >>

How do we fix spending?

It’s no secret that deficits and debt are at record highs. The major problems are clear: The budget process just doesn’t work, and most discretionary spending is passed in huge, bundled bills that have to pass or shut the government down — an obvious choice for most legislators. The nation’s mandatory spending programs are unsustainable. […] Read More >>

Trump calls for across-the-board spending cuts

On Wednesday, President Trump spoke to cabinet members and suggested that the Administration is going in a radically different direction after approving nearly $1 trillion in new spending via several omnibus bills Congress sent over in 2018. This week, though, Trump asked cabinet agency heads to draft proposals to cut their budgets by 5 percent. […] Read More >>