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Does the nation’s longest shutdown save us money?

The United States has now entered its longest-ever government shutdown. With government employees across the country officially receiving $0 paychecks, it’s likely that Members of Congress will get even more pressure to find a solution. Meanwhile, competing stories of standoffs and storming out of meetings do not offer much optimism that compromise is on the […] Read More >>

(Partial) Shutdown Continues

After the Christmas holiday, the federal government — or at least, as many have pointed out, about 10% of it — remains shut down with no end in sight. There might have been some cooperation from private donors to keep the national Christmas tree lit, but there’s no peace on earth for Congress, which remains […] Read More >>

Here we go again: Congress ready to kick the can on budget fight

NPR reports that, yet again, Congress is twisting itself up in temporary measures and can-kicking because of failure to find agreement on major issues. House leaders are drafting a bill to postpone a potential government shutdown from midnight on Friday night to the end of the day on Dec. 21…  it is the fight over money […] Read More >>