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Beware the ‘Unknown Knowns’ of Budget Process Reform

Writing in The Hill, Institute founder & president Jonathan Bydlak discusses the “unknown knowns” of process reform. The Institute for Spending Reform has conducted original research that provides a useful guide for legislators who want to reform the nation’s broken budget process. We might not know what a good budget looks like, but we know […] Read More >>

Wednesday hearing will address overcharging for spare parts

In a hearing Wednesday, the House Committee on Oversight & Reform will hold a hearing on an issue budget watchdogs have previously noted — that a contracting conglomerate may be overcharging for spare parts for military aircraft. More details on the hearing can be found here. Read More >>

House leaders struggle to get support for Pentagon spending bill

Facing an uncertain future of negotiations on the rest of the federal budget, House Democratic leaders are struggling to gather support for their $733 billion plan for Pentagon spending. Bloomberg Government reports that House Democratic leaders see this level of Pentagon spending as a necessary part of getting Republicans on board with the level of […] Read More >>