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Here we go again: Congress ready to kick the can on budget fight

NPR reports that, yet again, Congress is twisting itself up in temporary measures and can-kicking because of failure to find agreement on major issues. House leaders are drafting a bill to postpone a potential government shutdown from midnight on Friday night to the end of the day on Dec. 21…  it is the fight over money […] Read More >>

Formers Reps: Time to Deal with the Fiscal Crisis

Writing today in Times Union, two former Representatives sound the alarm on the issue of our time. At first glance, all seems well with our national economy. Gross domestic product growth is exceeding 3 percent and wages are rising. Companies report strong earnings. Unemployment is at 50-year lows. The stock market, while volatile, is near record highs. […] Read More >>

Budget process reform moves forward?

Coming out of a long electoral cycle, some in Congress are still at work on some of the systemic issues plaguing federal budgeting. Now, it appears that at least a little progress is on its way. Budget Chair Rep. Steve Womack said Friday that the Joint Select Committee on Budget Process Reform should approve reform […] Read More >>