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Jonathan Bydlak speaks with Steve Moore, Heritage scholars on Capitol Hill

Today, Institute founder and president Jonathan Bydlak spoke alongside Heritage scholars Romina Boccia and Justin Bogie, as well as Heritage Foundation Distinguished Visiting Fellow and Trump 2016 economic advisor Steve Moore.     The event, “Fiscal Responsibility and the Budget Control Act,” brought together dozens of Capitol Hill staffers to discuss the Budget Control Act’s […] Read More >>

Jonathan Bydlak in NRO: What happened to the fiscal hawks?

Writing today in National Review Online, Institute founder and president Jonathan Bydlak and Heritage Foundation scholar Romina Boccia write about a troubling trend among lawmakers — ignoring spending.   What’s driving lawmakers to blow through budget caps established in the Budget Control Act? There is bipartisan support for a big spending increase to build up […] Read More >>

Jonathan Bydlak in The Hill: Don’t Let Debt Reduction Become Second Fiddle

Writing today in The Hill, Institute founder & president Jonathan Bydlak writes about ongoing tax reform efforts and presents a note of caution for fiscal conservatives not to have too narrow a focus.   But as Democrats and Republicans neatly swap positions on how much the deficit matters, both sides are at risk of missing […] Read More >>