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Will Congress punt on debt limit?

The fight over the debt limit and competing priorities has been building for some time, but it looks as though Congressional leaders have come together to put off the fight for several months as part of a package to send federal aid to victims of Hurricane Harvey.   Congressional Democrats said on Wednesday that they […] Read More >>

Support the Institute at Amazon Smile!

Did you know you can support the cause of lower government spending just through your regular purchases?   Amazon Smile donates .5% of every purchase to the Institute to Reduce Spending, and today only, they will be donating 5% — that’s ten times the regular amount.   Just by shopping, you can be a crucial part of supporting […] Read More >>

What do you want to hear in tonight’s debate?

Tonight 10 candidates will stand on stage in Cleveland, Ohio, kicking off the first Republican presidential debate. A recent Gallup poll revealed the top five questions Americans want to hear during the debate. We agree! Most of these key issues Americans care about relate directly or indirectly to the issue of spending. Here are some […] Read More >>