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House Reveals Budget Plan For Next Fiscal Year

  The House released a budget plan that hopes to cut spending and help lead the way for one of the biggest administration promises: Tax reform. The budget anticipates deficit reductions of over $200 billion over the decade and an eventual surplus by 2027. It would achieve this goal through spending cuts of $5.4 trillion […] Read More >>

Budget Woes in the States Should be a Warning to Washington

  The end of fiscal year 2017 is quickly approaching for the federal government. At the end of September, Congress is required to pass all 12 appropriations bills — something that they have historically failed to do, as our debt nears $20 trillion.   Yet throughout the states, there are similar struggles happening, and the […] Read More >>

Trump’s White House Payroll Saves Taxpayers Millions

Last week, the Trump Administration released its annual report on White House Office Personnel, which includes data on the salaries of all 300+ White House employees. The projected four-year savings on the payroll is close to $20 million — which is perhaps a sign that President Trump is serious about finding cuts throughout the federal […] Read More >>