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Institute President Jonathan Bydlak quoted in Heartland’s June “Healthcare News”

Institute founder & president Jonathan Bydlak was quoted in the June edition of the Heartland Institute’s Healthcare News. Released on Wednesday, the piece takes a deep dive into the issue of Health Savings Accounts, or HSA’s. In a time of rising healthcare costs and calls to pour more federal money toward the problem, Bydlak notes […] Read More >>

What is a “CRomnibus?”

The Basics: A “CRomnibus” is the awkwardly named combination of a Continuing Resolution and an Omnibus. An omnibus bill is a term for an appropriations bill that conjoins multiple departments’ budgets. Each of the 12 executive cabinet departments has its own appropriations bill to fund the department. When the bills are not appropriated in time, […] Read More >>

Spending Must Be A Priority

As Congress winds down to spend Thanksgiving with their families, many are left wondering what is going to happen with next year’s budget. 2015’s budget was supposed to be resolved prior to August Recess yet we are left with a Continuing Resolution that will expire in a few weeks and no solutions for the upcoming […] Read More >>