We are the only nationwide organization focused only on researching and promoting solutions to the nation’s spending and debt problems. Our mission is to educate the general public and policymakers alike on the realities of our national finances and to provide practical and useful options for fixing things.


Our country’s escalating national debt is the challenge of our generation, and reducing spending is necessary to address this problem. There is a clear need for a national organization to research practical, useful solutions for reducing federal spending and balancing the budget.

Deficits have gone down in recent years from all-time highs, but all is not well. The Congressional Budget Office and other independent economic reports warn consistently that deficits and debt will rise at an accelerated pace in the very near future, threatening the stability of major programs and even the nation’s economy itself. People across the ideological spectrum agree: It’s time to get things under control.

It is for these reasons that we, as young Americans with the most at stake, launched the Institute. We produce original research that is accessible to the average reader, not just experts and policymakers. We seek not only to introduce analysis but also suggest real-world solutions to these pressing issues and to provide unbiased, sound, and accessible research.